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Reseller Hosting Explanation

There are methods to fine-tune your reseller web hosting company's brand identity. ResellersPanel's Reseller Hosting Program offers you a complete private label reseller hosting solution. This simply means that you will not be regarded as being a hosting reseller, but as being a large-scale supplier of web hosting solutions.

You get an assortment of ready-made web design templates and a subdomain, which you can use to offer cheap domain names and SSL certificates, hosting, VPS and dedicated web hosting servers. As you would anticipate, you can tweak the online store template using your very own company logo and Flash-based videos. Your brand is what everybody will see. The online storefront is yours to control - your Doing Business As name or company name will be featured on all documents and will appear inside all your clients' hosting Control Panel tools.

ResellersPanel will offer support to your clients via helpdesk tickets, live chat and phone on behalf of your Doing Business As name. Branding your store is a method to stick out from the pack and give your reseller hosting a higher profile, which will help you multiply your profit.

So, open an account with ResellersPanel straight away - it's free and only requires about 10 mins.